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Documenting Death | The New Yorker (2021)

Credit: Director, Producer

Synopsis: When Kim Acquaviva’s wife Kathy was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer, the couple decided to share the day-to-day realities of her slide toward death that doctors can’t always provide.​


Vimeo Staff Pick
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International Documentary Association
"It is a heart-wrenching account of end-of-life processes and realities that are as painful for the patient as it is for their caregivers. The documentary grants Brandt the dignity she deserves and pays respect to her personhood—something that is often ignored when it comes to the terminally ill. "


First Showing
"The heartbreaking yet uplifting film [...] There's something so moving and illuminating about it"

Seven Ponds
"The short film is reflective, real, and very raw at times. And there are meaningful and poignant moments."


The New Yorker

Rivista Studio

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